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When you grow your business locally, you have to invest a lot, up-front. Between infrastructure, software, office space, office fit-out and furniture, security, recruitment, support, IT and software licenses, the initial costs are usually so significant that scaling is a slow, incremental, iterative process, with no margin for error.


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You gain from our large-business infrastructure

By offshoring with VLBPO, you not only leverage international talent for at least 70 percent less compared to when recruiting onshore. We get our huge-business infrastructure to support your committed staff and business – and you’re rest assured that even your big competitors don’t have access to it.

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How does Scaling Quickly aid your company?

What will be the end of these heavy investments if you meet with an unexpected situation and have to reduce your workforce again?

But by offshoring with VLPBO, there will be no need to bother about any operational matters whatsoever. We manage each one of them. That implies that there is no need to place a huge up-front (CapEx) investment. Rather, every expense is computed with your meager monthly fee.

Due to this, there will be no blockage of continuous growth and demand-inclined responsiveness. You can cater to your financial provisions and direct your energy towards marketing and product or service enhancement as well as invest in your growth as an OpEx item.

In simple terms, this is what it might appear as for your company:

  • Acquire the team power you want to scale your business by spending half the normal cost
  • Find time to dedicate yourself to growth
  • You don’t have to transition into bigger workspaces
  • You don’t have to buy costly furniture, improvements, and gadgets (everything is included)
  • You can hire one or two employees to try offshoring out (customer support is a good place to start)
  • You then expand anytime you feel ready to do so – with our professional talent recruitment staff, you can add more workers conveniently as you scale-up
  • Place the earliest team members on board and get them to work at least 6 weeks from then

Lessen business expansion with zero losses

If need be, we can reduce your offshore operations quickly without having to bother about empty workspace and Information Technology resources.

It’s a very different story if you build your offshore workplace yourself. Leases are often hard to divide into small offices or limit in size, and there isn’t much that can be done with your IT facilities as soon as you acquire them.

Are you ready to grow through offshoring?

Reach out to us to talk about the next steps. We have intricate knowledge about the growing concerns of businesses, and we’d be glad to respond to your questions and give a few recommendations.

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