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Dedicated BPO solutions for the healthcare industry - Saving Time, Saving Lives

In light of COVID 19 How the world access healthcare is changing rapidly.  We are increasingly using technology to manage our health and wellbeing, from booking virtual appointments with physicians to using wellness apps. In this ever evolving high-tech, high-touch landscape, excellent customer service can make all the difference in improving patient and member experience.

How we help

We provide vital back-office support for HealthTech start-ups and care providers, handling everything from prior authorizations to billing and records management 

Scalable Support Service

As a Physician Group or Health System, you may be seeking more effective and efficient ways of communicating with your patients. You want to make sure they receive the support they need while you also remain in control of your costs.

Or perhaps you need more expedient back-office support services, such as, claims processing and billing.

To better handle fluctuations in volume, We offer scalable omni-channel solutions that can support sudden influxes

We Make Sure Customer Service Helps You Scale

Our dedicated reps help you maintain quality service, no matter how high your customer service ticket volume is. We typically onboard new team members within one or two weeks. With Peak Support, you can rest assured that onboarding new team members will never slow down your growth again.

We improve patient satisfaction

We build long-term member loyalty

We help optimize your operations and reduce your costs

We deliver meaningful improvements to every customer interaction

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