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Your Success is our #1 priority

All our client teams are led by an experienced account manager, who is responsible for making process improvements and reporting on the team’s performance. We want to understand what’s working well and when there’s room for improvement, so we track your customer service success continuously and always report our findings to you.

Our team members have an average of 10 +  years of experience working with large small medium and outsourcers and multinational corporations. We are committed to continuously coaching our customer support professionals to aid them in their long-term career development – which means higher quality work and a dedicated team.

How we help

We understand the Seasonality of E-Commerce

Whether your busy season is winter or summer, Black Friday, or Mother’s Day, you probably have seasonal surges in demand. We know how to plan and prepare in advance for sudden increases in ticket volume, and you’ll be ready when the holiday season hits – or when your product gets featured on an influencer’s summer must-have list.

Hassle free transition

If you have already chosen your favorite ticketing system and customer service channels, we’ll be glad to take over. If you want us to help you find the best alternatives in the e-commerce field, we’re here for you. And if you ever need help with back-office tasks like data entry, research, design, or marketing, all you have to do is let us know.

If you haven’t chosen any platforms, no issues we can have that done also! We are always helping you to help your customers.

We Make Sure Customer Service Helps You Scale

Our dedicated reps help you maintain quality service, no matter how high your customer service ticket volume is. We typically onboard new team members within one or two weeks. With Peak Support, you can rest assured that onboarding new team members will never slow down your growth again.

Seamless Buyer Journeys

The ability to sell through multiple channels is a differentiator for businesses in the Retail and eCommerce industry. Whether in-store and online, or purely online, the key is insuring a frictionless omnichannel experience no matter where customers buy.
Through speech-to-text analytics and machine learning, we gather the data you need to capture insights and identify trends.
Identify new selling opportunities, address challenges and react to customer sentiment in real-time, rather than after the fact.

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