When you grow your business locally, you have to invest a lot, up-front. Between infrastructure, software, office space, office fit-out and furniture, security, recruitment, support, IT and software licenses, the initial costs are usually so significant that scaling is a slow, incremental, iterative process, with no margin for error.

If you answered no to the questions above, your business might not be as ready for outsourcing as you may have originally thought. But, that doesn’t mean outsourcing isn’t the solution for you, it simply means that you may need to invest more in getting your business offshore ready. We are more than happy to discuss your business plans and provide advice on how you can get started.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then offshoring could be the solution for you and it’s time to begin discussions with one of our business development managers. In these discussions, we will ask you about your offshore team, IT and infrastructure requirements as these factors will be crucial to getting started. 

Step 01

We Evaluate Your Outsourcing Requirements

What gives you a hint as to whether your company Is ready for offshoring? Since offshoring has a remote nature, you have to put particular processes and systems in place to partner with an offshore team. So, look deeply and ask:

Is there/are your:

If your answer to the questions above was no, your company may not be that prepared for outsourcing as you might have assumed initially. But that is not to say outsourcing is not the solution you need; it is just that you might have to make more investment to get your venture offshore ready. We are very excited to evaluate your business plans and offer suggestions about how you can start making progress.

If your answer to all these questions was yes, it means offshoring can be a good strategy for you and you can now start discussions with any business development manager in our team. During these meetings, we will enquire about your offshore staff, IT, and infrastructure prerequisites because these are crucial factors to get you started.
factors will be crucial to getting started. 

The questions examined include:

From the answers provided, we can begin customizing our offshoring offers to satisfy the individual requirements of your company.

If the offshoring strategy we provide works for you, we then talk about the descriptions of your offshore team’s role.

Discuss topics such as KPIs, everyday tasks, current systems knowledge and qualifications, years of experience on similar jobs, and the number of work hours needed to perform.

These factors are necessary when creating your perfect offshore team profiles, which are then sent to our recruitment team to evaluate what you’ll spend to establish your offshore team. We then send you an honest and properly-detailed cost proposal listing every cost that relates to your offshore team to confirm if our offshoring strategy meets your business demands.

Step 02

We recruit and hire your offshore staff

Step two involves us making a review of the job descriptions you established for your offshore members. They will include the level of experience, systems knowledge, ideal qualifications as well as and other qualities you think will be important for us to determine the ideal candidate for the job. Just the way you write job descriptions for your onshore members, the same thing happens when it comes to your offshore staff. As soon as we analyze these requirements, we offer you feedback to guarantee that they attract the most suitable Filipino applicant for the job. By helping your business with our solutions, it becomes possible for us to find the right persons from the local market confidently and from our record of over 275,000 applicants. Then, we tender our shortlist for you to choose the applicants that are most fit for your organization, individual team structure, and company culture. Usually, you can choose to assess and interview these individuals just as would be done when recruiting locally.

After selecting the ideal candidates for your team, what we do next is to place them in any of our seven modern, top-notch facilities situated in Manila. The processes involved include organizing every infrastructural requirement like arranging the company’s desk spaces and making sure that the right IT systems and hardware are put in place for them to use on the first day. We also help you organize all security controls or software licenses to ensure they can interact effectively with your onshore members.

If there is any concern you have on logistical or technical issues that may come about on your journey, we can offer professional advice as we will be with you step-by-step all through the setup process.

In summary, your new team should be ready to begin work in as little as six weeks after you engage us. Why not check out our HQ office facilities for yourself…

Step 03

We assist the performance of your offshore staff

Immediately we’ve set up your team on our end, you can now start making plans for their recruitment and training including issues like the workflows and processes that have to be used, how to apply the company’s systems, and general company culture as well as the background to make them truly feel like they contributed to your business success as much as they could.

When you feel that your team has been able to meet all the onboarding requirements, this is when you start giving out duties and reviewing their tasks in progress. There will be avenues for you to monitor, outsource and arrange the tasks your offshore staff will do, just like you would when dealing with your onshore staff.

But it isn’t compulsory for you to oversee your offshore team all by yourself. We assist these management team members on a performance level, which involves the areas listed below:

While we manage all these, you still have absolute control over the productivity and quality you want. That is to say, we handle every matter left for you to resolve, making way for you to concentrate solely on business processes you intend to run outside the Philippines.

It’s necessary you bear in mind that for your offshore staff to work, you have to commit time and effort to equip them with vital skills and put them through all your processes and systems. Our offshore management personnel offer you back-end assistance to enable this. If you aren’t committed to developing, establishing, and keeping up with your offshore team, then your investments offshore might not turn out as good as they ought to.

Learn more on how to partner with your offshore team to reach your business goals…

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