Zyter is a prominent healthcare organization committed to improving maternal health outcomes for women across the United States.

However, the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic made it increasingly difficult for the organization to maintain its high customer service and support standards. That’s where VLBPO stepped in, providing expert assistance in developing customer care CRM implementation and systems to support a surge in growth. In this case study, we will take a closer look at how VLBPO was able to help Zyter overcome these challenges and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Challenge:

The pandemic posed unique challenges for healthcare providers across the country, with increased demand for healthcare services, remote monitoring, and telemedicine solutions. As a result, Zyter was experiencing a surge in demand for its services, which meant that its existing customer care and support systems could not keep up. Zyter needed to develop a new, omnichannel 24/7 coverage system to ensure that their customers could get the support they needed when they needed it. This significant challenge required expertise in customer care CRM implementation, data analysis, and customer engagement.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, Zyter partnered with VLBPO to develop a comprehensive solution that would enable them to provide high-quality customer support and engagement. The first step was to analyze data and understand customer behavior and preferences to develop a plan to meet their needs. VLBPO worked closely with Zyter’s team to identify pain points and areas of improvement in the existing systems and then used this information to develop a custom omnichannel system that would support 24/7 coverage and provide high-quality customer engagement.

The Results:

Thanks to the partnership with VLBPO, Zyter implemented a new customer care CRM system that significantly improved customer engagement and satisfaction. The new system provided customers with multiple channels of communication, including email, chat, and phone, which meant that they could get the support they needed in the most convenient way. In addition, the system provided real-time data and insights that allowed Zyter to optimize its operations and make informed decisions about customer engagement and support.


The partnership between Zyter and VLBPO was a success, providing a comprehensive solution that addressed the unique challenges of the pandemic and enabled Zyter to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. The custom omnichannel system provided customers with the support they needed when they needed it, and the real-time data and insights allowed Zyter to continuously improve its operations and provide the highest quality of care. As a result, Zyter was able to fulfill its mission of improving maternal health outcomes for women across the United States, even during the most challenging times.

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