VLBPO’s partnership with a Family Tax Recovery firm in Canada

In 2019, a Family Tax Recovery firm in Canada experienced unprecedented growth thanks to its fruitful partnership with VLBPO. The partnership began when VLBPO’s team was brought in to improve the agent training program, monitor call flows, and create a new program to enhance customer support options while decreasing training time.

VLBPO’s team worked closely with the Family Tax Recovery firm’s management team, evaluating the current training program and identifying areas for improvement. They then designed and implemented a new training program incorporating the latest industry best practices, ensuring that agents were better equipped to handle customer inquiries. One of the key challenges that VLBPO’s team addressed was the need to reduce the time it took to train new agents. With the new program, the training time was significantly reduced, leading to improved agent productivity and higher customer satisfaction rates.

In addition to improving the training program, VLBPO’s team worked closely with the Family Tax Recovery firm to monitor call flows and identify opportunities to streamline the customer experience. They identified areas where customers were experiencing delays or frustration and implemented changes to improve the overall customer experience. Thanks to the partnership with VLBPO, the Family Tax Recovery firm experienced its highest sales month ever in just five months. The company was one of Canada’s largest-growing businesses in 2019, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

The partnership with VLBPO has been a game-changer for the Family Tax Recovery firm. VLBPO’s team has proven to be a reliable partner committed to ensuring its clients’ success. With their help, the Family Tax Recovery firm has improved its operations, enhanced the customer experience, and achieved unprecedented growth.

VLBPO helped improve its agent training program, monitored call flows, and created a new program that decreased training time and improved support options for potential customers. The pandemic has been a difficult time for businesses across the globe, but with the help of VLBPO, the Family Tax Recovery firm in Canada was able to remain reliable and ensure its success. It’s no wonder why VLBPO is one of the industry’s most sought-after BPO/Call center partners. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions has allowed them to create multiple successful partnerships, like the one with the Family Tax Recovery firm.

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