The real estate industry is highly competitive, and maintaining exceptional quality is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

 However, it can be challenging for a real estate company to manage appointment-setting services while focusing on core business operations. That’s why SmartSetter, a real estate recruiting service, decided to outsource their appointment setting services to VLBPO. In this case study, we will discuss how VLBPO provided reliable appointment-setting services and helped SmartSetter grow its customer base.

The Challenge:

SmartSetter approached VLBPO to provide appointment-setting services to enhance its customer base. The challenge was to provide transparent and effective appointment-setting services while maintaining exceptional quality. SmartSetter needed a team of professionals who could cater to their customer’s needs while ensuring they received the best possible experience.

The Solution:

At VLBPO, we understand the importance of providing exceptional services while maintaining transparency. We developed a nearshore and off-shore model to provide SmartSetter with a team of professionals who could handle their appointment-setting services efficiently. Our team of experts worked closely with SmartSetter to understand their requirements and develop a customized plan catering to their needs. We provided SmartSetter with a dedicated team of professionals experienced in appointment-setting services. Our team worked closely with SmartSetter’s sales representatives to schedule appointments with potential customers, ensuring they received the best possible experience. We also provided SmartSetter with regular updates on the progress of their appointment-setting services, giving them complete transparency.

The Result:

Thanks to our nearshore and off-shore models, SmartSetter received exceptional appointment-setting services that catered to their specific needs. Our team of professionals helped SmartSetter grow its customer base, which resulted in increased revenue for the company. Our transparent and effective services allowed SmartSetter to focus on its core business operations while providing customers with an exceptional experience.


VLBPO is committed to providing reliable and effective appointment-setting services that cater to the specific needs of our partners. Our nearshore and off-shore models ensure that our partners receive exceptional services while maintaining complete transparency. SmartSetter is a great example of how VLBPO can help real estate companies grow their customer base while also maintaining exceptional quality. We look forward to working with more partners and helping them achieve their goals. The real estate company was truly impressed with the services provided by SmartSetter and continues to work with us to this day.

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