Why Jamaica?

While most businesses offshore to reduce costs or accelerate growth, there’s a lot more to it than just the cost and availability of labor. To really achieve the results you’re after, you need to choose a country with just the right combination of qualities.

Reasons to Choose Jamaica as a BPO Resource.

Do you want to know who is behind everything over here at VLPBO? Alright, it’s everyone. From the Chief Executive Officer even to our latest recruit. Everyone is responsible for assisting our customers to reach their goals via fantastic customer support service, remarkable operations, and practical cost-savings strategies.

As a one-time US colony having 90% of their population as Christians, Jamaica has a highly ‘westernized’ culture. Their office structures, restaurants, malls, and cities all appear very similar to what we find with most Americans. And since no language interference exists or actual workplace differences, partnering with us is almost the same as working with Americans.

Fortunately, the very affordable cost of living in Jamaica, and when labor and accommodation costs are calculated, they are about 70 percent less than in the United States, so you can lessen your operational expenses drastically.

With over 1 million well-trained personnel in Jamaican workforce, the number of talented individuals in the country is rich and very extensive. You can give out almost any task so far it can be done with an internet connection – from accounts recovery personnel to accountants, customer support staff, and even engineers. You can also occupy roles at various levels starting from junior to intermediate and then senior as well as executive levels.

Jamaican has a technology that is very identical to that of the United States, and their government invests a lot of money into its infrastructures, especially in cities. And your company can benefit from these modern technological facilities.

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At VLBPO we are ready to partner with you to provide a premium relationship as your BPO partner.

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